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Chris “Zenbu” Yukine

Rounding out the traffic light trio, voiced by the classically-trained Ayahi Takagaki, we have everyone’s favorite spaghetti-eating, gunslinging, heavy metal tsundere with a height complex: Chris Yukine!

Chris posing on top of a speeding missile

She’s hotheaded.

She’s impulsive.

She’s stubborn.

She’s adorably terrible at taking compliments.

And she is unstoppable.

Chris takes a “shoot now, ask questions later” approach to life, and she takes both parts of it very seriously.

Chris “I Don’t Have A Good Joke To Put Here I’m Just Proud Of Her” Yukine

You see, she’s also the smartest gear user (for however much that’s worth).

She gets good grades, she’s been accepted to college, she’s pretty good at figuring things out on her own.

Chris goes to college to get more knowledge

And so, as much as she may seem to act rashly in the moment, she’s always reflecting on the results of what she’s done, how she can atone for them, and what she can do better next time.

Chris “Her Parents Deserved To Show Up In The Last Episode” Yukine

Chris has had it super rough. She’s a war orphan whose parents were killed trying to bring peace to the world through music, and since then, she’s been tortured, abused, and manipulated by everyone who was supposed to care for her.

Babby Chris in a war zone

If there’s anything Chris has had enough of, it’s war and abusers. Until she met Hibiki, she’d made it her mission to destroy anyone with the power to start a war, but she’s since chosen to use her own power to help and empower victims of conflict, and be a positive example to the people under her watch.

Chris: My goal is to destroy those with both the power and will to fight. Chris: Looking back, there may have been a more cool-headed way to do things.
Chris: If even someone like me can be your senpai... Chris teaming up with Stephan

Chris “Tsun Tsun” Yukine

Understandably, she developed a resentment for music after what happened to her parents (which remember, in this show, is a metaphor for forming connections with people), and became the extremely internal person she is now - extremely spiky and unwilling to open up to people or accept their affections.

Chris being extremely spiky

Chris being extremely spiky

Chris having trouble accepting affection

Chris having trouble accepting affection

Her arc throughout the series has been about her learning how to trust people again, finding friends that accept her for who she is, and turning around to do the same for others. It’s just… it’s the sweetest thing

Chris pats Elfnein on the head

(Chris appreciating the existence of at least one person shorter than her)

Chris “Spaghetti” Yukine

Chris is a fan favorite, because for all five seasons she’s pretty consistently had some of

The best lyrics

Anybody who’s in love with the sight of my red heels

And wants a bullet in the brain, raise your hand

The best faces

Chris surprised face

The best attack names

Megadeth Party

And the best character arcs throughout the series.

Chris eating spaghetti

Chris “Go To Hell” Yukine

Chris’s songs are… something else. First of all, that “HYA-HA, GOOO TO HELLLL” line is absolutely iconic. But yeah, all of her battle songs are about like




But then all of her b-side songs are like

Is it okay for me to smile?

All this kindness from my new friends is a miracle

That makes my heart tremble With overflowing tears Like melting snow

A light in dark despair

A place to call home.

And if that isn’t a mood then I don’t know what is; what a precious angel.

Example Song Titles:

Chris XV Single

Chris “Grenadier” Yukine

Chris Ichaival Armor


  • Ichaival
  • Armed Gear:

  • Bows, Guns, Missiles
  • Coolest Attack Names:

    • Billion Maiden
    • Megadeth Infinity
    • Giga Zeppelin
    • Nirvana-Gedon (with Nehushtan Armor)

    Chris’s red symphogear, Ichaival, is named after what JRPGs seem to think is Odin’s bow. She plays a little fast and loose with that - when her Arthemis bow isn’t cool enough, she upgrades to Billion Maiden gatling guns and Megadeth missiles, often of ludicrous proportions (and keeps a pistol on her for good measure). Many of her attacks are based on Gundam weapons and tokusatsu series. She can clear an area of Noise in no time, and smart as she is, she delights in coming up with ridiculous new ways of using her missiles, like riding them into battle.

    And when her arsenal isn’t enough? Just make it bigger.

    Chris with a very big gun

    Chris “Put Your Hands Up” Yukine

    Let’s get a glimpse of how she fights, why fans lovingly call her “Zenbu”, and one of her most touching moments of character development.

    To start, a great short clip from XV that’s actually available on Crunchyroll’s Youtube channel, of Chris delivering an iconic line:

    Put your hands up!

    Chris gets one of the best fight scenes in the entire first season with this amazing sequence versus Hibiki.

    Chris: I'll show you how much I hate singing! Hibiki: You hate singing? Chris pulls out a crossbow
    Chris loads up the crossbow And fires Hibiki is not having a good time
    More crossbow fire Chris has Hibiki on the run Chris pulls out the smoking guns
    Specialty move: Billion Maiden Chris unleashes a hail of bullets Hibiki is getting lit up
    Chris continues to fire while singing A rain of murder like a volcano Chris launches a volley of missiles Signature move: Megadeth Party
    Everything, everything, everything, everything, everything Zenbu zenbu zenbu zenbu zenbu And after the missile connects, she whips the machine guns back out

    (TL Note: “Everything” means “Zenbu”)

    But while she may have had good reason to hate singing then, she… eventually warms up to it (check out the clip on the official Symphogear Youtube channel).

    The picture I'd drawn of my future was monochrome, And I'm looking for the paints! I'm still unsure how to deal with this sense of belonging that I've never felt before.
    Classmates: We want Yukine to perform in the singing competition. Chris: Why would I? Classmates: Because when you sing, you look like you're having so much fun.
    Is it okay for me to smile? Will they forgive me? Is it okay for me to sing as hard as I possibly can?
    Tsubasa: Do you not like to sing? Chris blushes uncontrollably Like melting snow, for some reason tears welled up and wouldn't stop.
    It's so warm, so warm. The place I call home. The place I call home.

    Her parents would be so proud

    Chris's parents

    Chris “BEFRIENDED” Yukine

    Oh, and if you’re new to the series and you’re wondering why Chris was attacking Hibiki in some of those shots, she was one of the main antagonists of the first season. But if you read the origins page, you may recall one of the ways in which Symphogear takes after Lyrical Nanoha…

    You gonna get befriended

    God I love Alucard Hibiki

    Also I love that Chris has canonically upgraded her primary weapon from crossbows to guns as a direct result of having watched the film Equilibrium between seasons.

    Chris loves gun-kata

    Chris “Go Do That At Home” Yukine

    But wait, you say, all the other characters are semi-canonically shipped up with someone - Hibiki and Miku, Tsubasa and Maria, Kirika and Shirabe - but what about Chris? Chris needs love as much as anyone!

    Well, I’m happy to report that, as you can tell from this revolutionary shipping chart I found while lurking on the Symphogear subreddit, everybody loves Chris.

    Everybody Loves Chris

    Chris shipping chart

    (Source: /r/symphogear)

    I mean, how could you not!

    She still won’t call Hibiki and Tsubasa anything but “That baka” and “Senpai”, though.

    Bonus: Panel Snapshot

    Thanks to @ladyinverse for taking some pics at the panel at AWA and letting me share them here!

    Panel Slide: Everybody loves Chris


    Bonus 2: Unused Panel Content

    I had originally made the “Everybody Loves Chris” logo with the intention of shopping all the gears’ heads onto a photo of the Everybody Loves Raymond cast, but I got lazy and put it on a cute screenshot instead. I replaced it in the panel when I found the shipping chart, so I never ended up using it in the panel, so here’s the screenshot with logo:

    Everybody Loves Chris Screenshot

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