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My Symphogear Merch!

I didn’t get to make a merch section for my panel, but I do have some photos of my own Symphogear merch that I can post!

This Hobby Stock Hibiki figure is one of the biggest, most expensive, and coolest figures I own:

Hibiki Figure

Hibiki Figure

Some cool keychains of Carol and Maria that I got from a fan at AWA:

Carol and Maria Keychains

A wall scroll of the key art from Symphogear XV that makes my day a little better every time I walk past it:

XV Wall Scroll

Some cool acrylic figures of all the main characters. These are the first acrylic figures I’ve gotten and I like them a lot:

Acrylic Figures

Acrylic Figures

I’ve got all the concerts on Blu-Ray! It’s a blast to see the songs performed live, the voice actors banter on stage, and the audience get super into the show:

Concert Blu Rays

I got some clear files because I wanted some bigger art of each of the characters:

Clear Files

Clear Files

Clear Files

At long last, here it is… Symphogear on Blu-Ray! Thank you Discotek! I love the awesome additional art inside the box:

S1 Blu Ray Slipcover (Front)

S1 Blu Ray Slipcover (Back)

S1 Blu Ray Case Art

S1 Blu Ray Disc Art

S1 Blu Ray Inner Spread

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