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The Stroganoff Trio

And of course, I’d like to give a shout-out to Yumi, Shiori, and Kuriyo: Hibiki’s friends from Lydian Academy who brought us the power of beef stroganoff (though it doesn’t have to be beef).

Stroganoff Trio

I’m pretty bummed out that they more or less disappeared from the main series after GX; their antics were always a nice break from the show’s otherwise frantic pacing.

The three stooges at Tsubasa's concert

Anime Janai

And especially a shout-out to Yumi, who is only able to process the world around her in terms of how it relates to anime, and if that isn’t a mood then I don’t know what is.

I don't really get it, so explain it in anime terms

Every single one of her lines is like this.

Your life's like an anime, you know that? If this were an anime, what would we do?
What's going on? It's just like an anime! It's like something out of an anime!

No, really.

If this were an anime, this would be a job for the tiny character. But that's only in anime.
What's wrong with taking anime seriously? If I don't help now, I'll be even worse than anime!

I mean it.

Well, this isn't an anime. What's going on? Why is the school under attack? This isn't an anime!
Th-This isn't an anime... This isn't an anime!

Even in the Stroganoff Song. Even in the Blu-Ray specials.

You know it from anime and manga, it's beef stroganoff. I'll explain it to you while we watch a certain popular anime!
That's the kind of humor you don't even see in anime nowadays! The type of days that would never get a spotlight in an anime.

And then she drags them all into singing an anime theme song in cosplay at the school culture festival.

Stroganoff trio at the culture festival

I’m surprised she didn’t have them sing the Gundam ZZ opening tbh

Gundam ZZ OP Anime Janai

This joke is so stupid, I love it

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