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Tsubasa “Basa” Kazanari

Next up, we’ve got Nana Mizuki’s very own self-insert character, Tsubasa Kazanari – the proud and strong-willed protector of the group. She was raised to be the perfect warrior – a defender of Japan and the very embodiment of a sword – and her personality reflects this: Tsubasa is coolly serious, unflinchingly competent, and intensely loyal.

Tsubasa: Do you call this a sword?

Tsubasa: These are wings, taking flight toward their dreams!

Tsubasa “Literally Nana Mizuki” Kazanari

Like Lady Nana herself, Tsubasa is also an extremely talented singer. Tsubasa’s been a professional idol since the age of 15, and it’s been great to watch her music career develop over the course of the show, with each season’s concerts getting more impressive than the last.

Tsubasa concert scene

She wants nothing more than to share her strength with the world through her songs, to transcend the barrier of language with the universality of music.

Tsubasa: Even if we can't understand each other's words, Tsubasa: If we can communicate through music, Tsubasa: I want people all over the world to hear my songs!

Tsubasa “Her Hair Is A Music Note” Kazanari

I mean, look, her hair is even shaped like a music note!

Tsubasa hair Eighth note
Tsubasa hair

I’ve had to deal with this knowledge since 2013; it’s high time I shared the burden.

Tsubasa “Ein Winged Angel” Kazanari

Tsubasa is the series’ wounded warrior, she’s the one I most wish I was able to give a big hug and tell her it’ll be okay.

Kanade hugging Tsubasa

The very first thing that happens to her in the entire series is her love and inspiration dying in her arms, and from there she has to deal with some punk kid taking Kanade’s place, her extremely messed-up family situation, and the concerts she puts on – the thing that gives her courage and fulfillment in her life – constantly being interrupted by death and devastation.

It’s no wonder she keeps falling back to her “I am not my own person, I am only a sword” coping mechanism – being Tsubasa is suffering.

Tsubasa is a sword Being Tsubasa is suffering

It’s certainly cathartic to see her overcome her demons and learn that it’s okay to express herself, but please, leave this poor girl alone, let her be happy, she deserves it more than anyone!

That means you, creepazoid.

Ominous Fudou

Tsubasa “Why Don’t You Tell Me In Bed” Kazanari

Because the happiness the show lets her have is precious! Since she has it so rough, she’s very easily flustered, and it’s wonderful whenever a show of genuine kindness makes her stoic facade melt around her.

Maria grabs Tsubasa's arm Tsubasa melts

She and Maria are particularly adorable together, as Maria’s taken up the mantle of trying to bring Tsubasa out of her shell. If the two of them could just… tour the world together, sharing their love and their music without her grandpa sending some evil bat lady to murder everyone, it’d… can they please? That’s all I want, really.

Strongest blade in the world, however it is so fragile as to shatter when handled by any force other than the delicate touch of a lesbian

Tsubasa’s also secretly a bit of a slob, but don’t tell her I told you that. I think it’s pretty cute

Tsubasa messy room Tsubasa messy room
Tsubasa messy room Tsubasa: Are you saying I'm a girl who can't clean?

Tsubasa “I Studied The Blade” Kazanari

Tsubasa brings a dignified power and a Japanese flavor to her songs, with the help of Nana Mizuki’s enka training. Chants and traditional instrumentation decorate her singing. And Tsubasa, as you might think, sings about swords








Also, several of her b-sides are about Kanade, and man, if that doesn’t just stab you right in the heart.

Example Song Titles:

Tsubasa XV Single

Tsubasa “Literally A Sword” Kazanari

Tsubasa Ame no Habakiri Armor


  • Ame no Habakiri
  • Armed Gear:

  • Sword
  • Coolest Attack Names:

    • Blue Flash
    • One Thousand Tears
    • Heaven's Wrath
    • Soaring Phoenix Slash

    Tsubasa fights with the blue Symphogear, Ame no Habakiri, which is named after a legendary sword from Shinto mythology. Her sword can take on all different shapes and sizes, from a traditional katana to a hilariously large buster sword to a rain of daggers to a pair of flaming blades on her feet that she wields by breakdancing, it’s incredible.

    She’s also got a motorcycle that can, itself, turn into a sword, which in turn makes her a sword, holding a sword, riding a sword. Tsubasa’s awesome you guys.

    Tsubasa motorcycle

    Tsubasa “Sentinel” Kazanari

    Let’s see her show off that motorcycle, do her duty as a protector, and get a glimpse of her sensitive side.

    Here she is catching some sick air (how many motorcycles has she trashed at this point?) to dump some water on an overheating Hibiki.

    The sword attachments on Tsubasa's bike fold out Tsubasa charges in on her motorcycle A better look at the sword attachment
    Tsubasa hits the ramp Tsubasa catches some insane air A slash rings through the air
    She's sliced the water tower open Signature move: Cavalry Flash And the water pours out of the tower to save Hibiki from melting down

    Tsubasa’s sword skills are second-to-none: watch her slice some Noise into dust in midair as she dives from the sky to bring Maria to a safe landing (using her swords as a jet-powered surfboard, of course).

    Tsubasa diving from the sky with a big sword Tsubasa pulling back her sword And slicing some Noise in half
    Tsubasa firing a sword blast Which hits some Noise that's about to attack Maria And explodes it into a cloud of dust
    Tsubasa activates her jet boots To catch up with Maria And catch her in a princess carry
    Tsubasa raises her sword to the sky And summons a rain of blades upon the Noise Signature move: Thousand Falling Tears
    Tsubasa jets down toward the ocean She lands with a big splash And surfs away with Maria in her arms

    But that battle-hardened exterior hides a soft gooey center, and there are very few people she trusts enough to share it with.

    Kanade: You're too serious, Tsubasa. If you're too stiff, you'll snap someday. Tsubasa smiles with delight to see Kanade
    Tsubasa: Ever since you left me alone, I've been training even harder. Tsubasa: You're so mean to me, Kanade. But you aren't even around to be mean to me anymore, are you?
    I want you to be by my side! Kanade: It's for you to decide whether I'm near you or far. Tsubasa reacts in surprise

    Kanade “Senpai’s Senpai” Amou

    I sadly don’t have enough material for an entire page on her, but after that last scene, I want to give a shout-out to Tsubasa’s second wing: Kanade a girl who deserved far more than she got. The original Gungnir Girl, who fought tooth and nail for every scrap of phonic gain she got, who gave Tsubasa every ounce of support she needed, and whose legacy is immortalized in every loving flick to Tsubasa’s forehead.

    Tsubasa motorcycle

    (Bonus fact: Kanade was voiced by the legendary Minami Takayama, voice of Detective Conan and singer of the rad-as-heck Gundam Wing OP)

    Bonus: Panel Snapshot

    Thanks to @ladyinverse for taking some pics at the panel at AWA and letting me share them here!

    Panel Slide: You call this a sword?


    Panel Slide: Delicate touch of a lesbian


    Panel Slide: Being Tsubasa is suffering


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