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Miku “Perfection” Kohinata

Now, as we’re going through the main characters, I’d be ashamed not to mention the most important character in the whole show, who is canonically free of Original Sin, Hibiki’s beautiful and perfect wife (look, this is MY site, I can say what I want), Miku (voiced by Yuka “Platinum Disco” Iguchi).

Like seriously, get you someone who looks at you like Miku looks at Hibiki.

Miku looks longingly at Hibiki

Ah, uh, y’know, I may have editorialized that nickname a little bit. Hold on.

Miku “A Literal Goddess” Kohinata

There, that’s better. Tell me I’m wrong. You can’t. Because I’m right.

Literal goddess Miku Kohinata

Miku “Hibiki’s Sunshine” Kohinata

Miku is the perfect counterweight to Hibiki’s reckless selflessness; she’s there for Hibiki to remind her to take care of herself, that it’s okay to be selfish sometimes, that she’s worth something for who she is, and not to lose sight of that, not to keep all of everyone’s pain to herself. She’s the sunshine for Hibiki to return to, to keep from getting lost in the darkness she fights.

Miku: Hibiki's not a disaster!

Without Miku’s support, Hibiki would pretty quickly self-destruct, and with how heavily Hibiki’s ideology factors into Symphogear as a whole, the bond they share - which runs so much deeper than either of them could ever express to the other in words - is the keystone that holds the entire series together.

Miku holding a book: How To Be Honest With Yourself

They’re just… they’re such a wonderful and supportive couple and everything they do for each other melts my icy heart.

Adorable photo of Miku and Hibiki

Miku “393” Kohinata

Miku is pretty much constantly thinking about Hibiki. Like, all the time. Yuka Iguchi has had to come up with about as many ways to say “Hibiki” as Ikue Otani has come up with to say “Pikachu” (click the link to see just how many, and then enjoy this bonus video).

Sure, this may come off as a little one-dimensional, with the show only treating her as “Hibiki’s girlfriend,” but their connection is more than just that. Miku is a great foil for Hibiki in addition to being a great companion - while Hibiki only ever cared about others until Miku gave her a reason to care for herself, Miku was only interested in helping herself until she met Hibiki and was inspired by her compassion. And in the end, it’s Miku who delivers the ultimate message of Symphogear, standing with Hibiki to declare before God Herself that love is the product of our imperfections, of the things we don’t understand about each other. That the love she shares with Hibiki, the way they inspire each other, is what’s brought about a miracle.

Miku and Hibiki watch the shooting stars

Miku “Hibiki’s Future” Kohinata

That’s enough serious talk, time for some scenes about how there is nothing Miku loves more than Hibiki’s fist.

But first, one of the best bits from the chibi specials.

Miku's Lyrics: I won't ever let you go I love you this much Look how much I love you
Hibiki: I don't understand it myself But when the music starts playing from the Symphogear, the lyrics just come to me from within. Miku: They come to you from within?
Tsubasa: Ms. Sakurai used to say that the lyrics reflect the imagery the user forms in their mind. Miku puts two and two together And dies of embarrassment

They’re so wonderful - when Hibiki needs her, Miku is the most supportive partner anybody could ever ask for.

Hibiki: The only problems you can solve with your fists Are the easy ones... The only things I can do are so small.
Miku: But you know... When you're doing what you think is right Your clenched fist is special.
It's the gentlest fist in the world. Someday I'm sure it will Fix all the bad things.
Hibiki starts to tear up And gives Miku a huge hug Hibiki: Thank you.
You really are My sunflower. And Miku hugs her back

Miku “That Throwing Arm” Kohinata

She’s also got a remarkably good throwing arm.

Miku saving the world

What was she doing as a sprinter on the track team? Someone sign her up for javelin

Bonus: Panel Snapshot

Thanks to @ladyinverse for taking some pics at the panel at AWA and letting me share them here!

Panel Slide: Literal Goddess Miku


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