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The best way to understand Symphogear is to Watch Symphogear. But if you aren’t convinced yet, the next best way is to compare it to another popular anime.

I don't really get it, so explain it in anime terms.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Logo

I like to explain Symphogear to people by comparing it to another loud, bombastic show that never stops moving and operates entirely on the Rule of Cool: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Most people know what JoJo is now, right? (they sure didn’t when Symphogear came out)

Symphogear’s logic reminds me the most of Part 2: Battle Tendency. Battle Tendency starts with Joseph shooting up a vampire in a bar with a tommy gun, and continues to plow through 17 episodes of increasingly ridiculous scenarios involving a sentient circulatory system, a nazi cyborg, and a deadly chariot race atop zombie horses in the Colosseum, culminating in a climactic showdown atop an erupting volcano where he has to fight an immortal Aztec god named after the band Cars using his ability to punch with the power of the sun. That’s the kind of energy we’re dealing with here.

JoJo Roundabout Tommy Gun
Joseph shooting up a vampire in a bar with a Tommy gun
JoJo ACDC Brain
A sentient circulatory system
JoJo Stroheim Nazi Cyborg
A nazi cyborg
JoJo vs Wham Chariot Race
A deadly chariot race atop zombie horses in the Colosseum
JoJo Volcano Eruption
Climactic showdown atop an erupting volcano
JoJo Cars Perfect Being
Immortal Aztec god named after the band Cars

So basically, Symphogear is “kinda like JoJo’s if, instead of beefy dudes with psychic punch friends trying to figure out the enemy’s mystery power, it’s a battle musical about color-coded gay magical girls with mecha armor, powered by them singing hyper-cheesy J-Pop, while they fight God, Science, and the Alchemist Illuminati to unite humanity through The Power Of Song.”

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure




Magical Girls With Mecha Armor


Singing Cheesy J-Pop


Symphogear Logo


Oh yeah, and there’s plenty of punching, too.


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