Shooting The Moon: A Symphogear Fansite

Oct 9, 2020: I got my Season 1 Blu Ray! Added Blu Ray photos to Merch page.

Sep 15, 2020: Added Blu Ray updates (release date and G announcement) to Watch Symphogear page, added link to buy Blu Ray on Links page.

Jun 24, 2020: Added singable translation for Senkin Dur Da Bla.

Jun 24, 2020: Added updates page!

Jun 21, 2020: Added a link to Crunchyroll’s Genjuuro Father’s Day Feature on the S.O.N.G. page.

May 2, 2020: Fixed the sidebar so that it works better on mobile.

May 1, 2020: Created the site! I hope you like it!

Like the site? Send a tweet to @satchiikoma to let me know! I don't have a guestbook to sign so this is the next best thing!

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